A paragliding trip abroad is an investment in both time and money. A guided holiday with Airsports Tenerife is the best way to make the most of your investment. Our 28 years of paragliding experience (instructing since 1991) and vast knowledge of Tenerife, it´s flying conditions and over 20 flying sites ensure that we will get you to the correct site at the right time for your experience level. Our instructors/guides will tailor make the day according to pilot skills allowing you to safely improve your flying skills, get maximum airtime and the possibility to fly the best XC´s for the day.

Come and fly with us!

Tenerife´s location and topography provides us with one of the worlds most reliable consistent flying conditions allowing us to fly more or less everyday all year round! The best flying conditions are however best between mid August to late April when the thermals are at there best. The islands many sites have easy take offs, good landing fields with enormous variations and giving challenges for all pilot levels, even for the most routined XC pilot.

Every day will start with a briefing regarding the days weather forecast, expected flying conditions and the intended sites that will flown for the day. Pilots wishes for areas of improvement will be discussed and individual tasks will be given throughout the day to help improve these "weak points". We take an active interest in the ability and progress amongst all the pilots in the group and will do our uttermost to help improve your pilot skills. Every day ends with a debriefing/analysis of the day it´s conditions, pilots experiences and developments etc. most often whilst enjoying a cold beer/refreshment.

Tenerife also offers an extensive range of alternative activities for non flyers or alternative activities on the rare occasion of non flyable conditions. Great beaches, fantastic hiking, kite/wind surfing, wave surfing, diving, theme parks, mountain biking, motorcycling, deep sea fishing, boat trips, go carting and of course wild night life for the party animals. So, all you have to do is find a gap in your calendar, confirm the date with us, book a flight and then let us take care of the rest allowing you to relax and make the most out of your paragliding trip. We offer two options: a full week package including accommodation or a single day guidance/transport service for those of you that choose to book your own accommodation or just don´t have the possibility to fly every day..

One day guidance service

Maybe you are on holiday with your family and just simply can´t fly everyday, no worries, you can fly with us anyway. For just 60€ we will collect you at 10am from your hotel, brief, debrief, transport and guide you all day until the end of the flying day.

One week package

  • Airport/hotel transfer (South Airport)
  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast
  • 6 potential days of flying with full guiding service, briefings and debriefings
  • All necessary transport to and from the flying site. Including retrieval from XC flights.
  • Free tandem flights for non pilot group members or pilots wishing to have a real hands on lesson i.e such as improving thermalling techniques etc.
  • Price 595€

Special offers

  • We have group discounts for clubs, schools and groups larger than five pilots. Contact us for more information.
  • Equipment rental, you can hire a full set of equipment (glider (ENB), harness, reserve, radio and vario for a daily rate of 40€.
  • Paramotor rental, make the most of the sunset and rent one of our paramotors!
    Price 50€/day
  • We have a reserve packing service in case it´s been over 6 months since your last repack. Price 35€


  • You must be a qualified paragliding pilot with a current  internationally recognised flying licence (minimum FAI/ParaPro3, BHPA/Club pilot, Swedish Pilot 1 or equivalent) and have third party insurance.
  • Complete flight equipment (helmet and reserve parachute is mandatory), 2m VHF radio for safety and to get the most out of your flying and also a mobile phone. (see above for rental)
  • Travel Insurance. You must have an accident insurance, full rescue/repatriation cover, specifically for paragliding. If you are a citizen of the EU, bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This entitles you to reduced or in many cases free medical treatment.
  • We speak both English and Swedish. You must at least have a good understanding of one of these.


Come and fly with us in Tenerife where the thermals really are never ending!